Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Obligatory Introduction

I used to write, therefore I was. Then I got a job, had a child, and suddenly the only words I put on a page were assessments and meeting records. The assessments, of course, couldn't be creative and, whilst meeting records sometimes were, I'm sure that they too were not meant to be anything other than dry, accurate accounts.

So what changed?

First, I suppose, came a message from a friend who had read an old blog of mine that shall remain in the ethers of internet past. She suggested I write more, and yes, it was a much-needed confidence boost.

Second came the reviewing. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to write reviews of prams, travel cots, cookery products and toys over this last year, and I've enjoyed it. Words on a screen have become, once more, my Thing, and I would love to continue.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, has been my lifestyle change. When The Bear (more on him later) was nine months old, I returned to work. I had always wanted to keep a written record, but aside from a few (lost) posts I hadn't done it. Fulltime work proved more prohibitive still. This time, post Roosterbirth, I am lucky enough not to have to return to work, to undertake the childcare myself - and I want to write down memories for the sake of both of my children. So much gets forgotten aside from Those Firsts, and I would like to remember them all, from now - for as long as I can.

So, me. I'm a 30 year old Northerner living in the South West of England. Moving here has been a massive lifestyle and culture shock for me - going from a job I loved, living near people I loved, liked, tolerated, to - well, the opposite. Pre-maternity I had a job, but the less said about that in an open blog format the better. I know very few people, and don't tolerate new introductions well. School gates scare me, and the twice daily trip to drop The Bear has been fraught with tension. For me, anyway. Life and change is water off a duck's back to The Bear.

The Bear is 4-going-on-14. He is a 2012 reception starter with a love of superheroes, and a knowledge of Geek that is second only to The Husband. He has an amazing sense of humour, a need for style, and a thirst for knowledge. Oh, and the stroppiness of a teenage girl, at times.

The Rooster is an amazing ten months old. It's like living with a small Father Jack at times with, fortunately, less swearing. He points, commando crawls, and likes to pretend things are phones: "'IYA!"

We also have 3 cats, Gingercat, Failcat and Kitten, and 2 dogs, Olddog and Baddog.

My underrated pleasure would be 5 minutes of silence with my Kindle.

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